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Traveling Here

Medal of Honor recipients, guests, sponsors and staff will find Knoxville convenient for travel. McGhee Tyson Airport is traveler-friendly, comfortable and easy to navigate.



The Boston Convention Committee appreciates the need to make the travel as stress-free as possible for convention honorees. The hosts are committed to providing first class travel for the Medal of Honor recipients and their guests to cities with flights connecting to Boston’s airport.

Special Arrangements

The host committee recognizes that air travel and its related security issues can be frustrating and exhausting. Massport is extremely helpful in easing travel demands for veterans and is committed to making travel to and from Boston as comfortable and convenient as possible. The host committee and Massport are working to facilitate security and check-in procedures for smoother travel.


The City of Boston Police Department, in conjunction with State and Federal authorities, will provide security and protection details for recipients and guests while in Boston. Police escorts and traffic control will be provided to and from all official convention events.

Medical Care

The Boston Emergency Management Services (Boston EMS) provide primary and emergency medical care as needed. Ambulances and medical professionals will be present at all official events and on premises 24 hours a day. Please notify the host committee in advance of any special medical needs prior to your visit so we can better accommodate you. Our medical committee will be overseen by Edmund W. Mulvehill, Jr., Director of Veterans’ Services for the town of Norwood.


Ground Transportation to and from the airport and though out your stay will be provided to you. Police escort will make all movement though out the City smooth and speedy. Please alert a committee member should you want to arrange for transportation outside of the convention programming so we may provide you with transportation.



passenger terminals

Logan Airport has four passenger terminals, A, B, C and E, each with its own ticketing, baggage claim, and ground transportation facilities. The terminals are connected to the central parking garage by a walkway system.  




In all, there are 94 gates with contact jet bridges and nine regional jet gates at the airport. 




More than 40 airlines fly nonstop to more than 100 domestic and international destinations.